Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z is for..well, this is the great debate!

I wonder how many British children grew up listening to this song?  I remember Sesame Street being on television here and listening to it, for sure.  And I know that my own children grew up with it..but that was in the States, so it was the norm there.

Of course, this is the song where Z is zee...and not zed.


Yes, I'm a full blown English woman.  And I grew up with Zed.  As in bed. 

But then over the years I lived in the States, I found myself slipping into the land of Zee.

For instance, this project has been the A to Z(ee) Challenge.

But those black and white creatures who look a bit like horses are zebras not (zee)bras.

Odd isn't it...so many English speaking countries in the world, but we have our own different spins on the language!

And there it is.  A to Z Challenge 2013 completed.  It's been fun.



  1. I'm a zed too :-)

    What's your next challenge?

  2. I agree, it is odd that there are so many versions of English. mind you, I've noticed this in French as well and I'm sure it exists with other languages too.

    Congrats on completing a-zed. :)