Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for Bibliophile


I just love them.

And I love libraries too.

I spent a quiet hour in my local library this afternoon.  It surprised me, as I sat there, just how much activity there was in this place.  Mothers with their young children.  A business man wearing a suit.  A retired couple.  College kids.  

And I thought to myself:  well, there ya go.  Books will never be totally replaced by Kindles and whatnot.  Yes, technology is wonderful, but holding a book is just bliss.

I left after an hour, with two books.  Both of them for reading groups, actually.  

The open book has already hooked me...  :)


  1. Books do possess a certain magic, don't they? I got a Kindle a couple years ago for Christmas- it's still in the box. Nothing like turning the page.
    A to Z.

  2. My DD debated for 2 years about getting a notebook or kindle or some reading device because she loves the books in her hands. She travels alot though and ultimately did so she wouldn't have to tote so many books around, making packing easier. She's so fast she always had to devote the larger portion of her luggage to books. I see we have knitting and crocheting in common.


    for me it's not the packing books that's an issue it's the yarn, lol

  3. I'm always amazed at how much activity there is at the library. I love it there.

  4. Books ... indeed...

    Same here - yet to get on to the e-reader bandwagon; though I am techie person :) somehow books seem too sacred to move to the 'soft copy' versions

  5. Just love going in a Library, good luck on the challenge.

  6. There's nothing like a good book to fondle. As far as the library is concerned, I always feel as though I am surrounded by brilliant minds in hopes some of the intelligence will somehow waft down from the shelves of books.

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