Thursday, 25 April 2013

S is for Sunshine, Statues and Smiles

Saturday was a beautiful day.. the weather just could not have been better.


We ended up at the beach.

Enjoying the Sunshine.

While He bought ice cream, I snapped a picture of this statue..

It's the Falklands memorial.

"He" spent many years in the Army.  He served in the Falklands and was injured.  His friend died.
I am thankful that He came home and that we have had this opportunity to meet.

I was thankful that we got to enjoy the sunshine.  Yes, it was a little breezy down on the seafront..but sun and stones and well..there has to be sand somewhere, I suppose... it all leads to a photograph of a smile...

Even food seems to be sunny when the weather is right!  I know...that sounds odd..but look at the colours of this pineapple and strawberry platter we made....with chopped up mint and a dash of brandy on it.. and a few white chocolate stars as well...

Culinary sunshine...  

And He even does washing up...another reason to smile!  :)


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