Saturday, 27 April 2013

W is for Work

I "snitched" a photo from my works' web site.. yes, I blanked out the sign to say where it is, but if you live in this area, I expect you'll recognize it.  And if you know me in person, you know where I work anyway.

Although my life has taken a few twists and turns along the way, my professional life hasn't really.  I began at age 18, working as what was then called a Nursing Auxiliary in a hospital for the elderly.  I loved it from word GO.

From there, I went through nursing training and about 18 months after qualifying as a General Nurse, I went into Midwifery.
That led me to the position which I totally loved..and would love to return to actually.  I worked in the Special Care Baby Unit.

I have babies now, who were so frail and tiny, struggling to breathe and clinging to life... and here they are, grown women with their own little ones, or strapping 6 foot plus fellas who play rugby.

Sometimes that makes me feel old.
Sometimes it makes me feel proud, to know that I have had a hand in helping them to survive.

These days I work in this rather fancy looking nursing home.
I act the fool at least once in every shift..mainly because well, if it puts a smile on the face of an old lady or gentleman, then, why not!
I wash people, feed people, make their beds, take them for "walks" in the garden.. do jigsaws with them...whatever..

It's hard work, yes.  Emotionally and physically.,

But somehow it just fits me.  I struggle with it at times... with my health issues it's really tough.

But I expect that in some sort of way, I'll work in the caring profession for as long as my body will allow me..



  1. You are dearly blessed to work in a nursing home.

  2. Just came across your blog on the A-to-Z Challenge list and found what I perused to be good. You seem to write a little bit of this and that (kind of like I do).

    The people in the nursing homes are blessed to have you bringing them a smile whenever you can :-) I know that for many it must really make they're day.

    Tena Carr

  3. Thank you, both of you, for your comments. And thanks for stopping by to visit too! :)x

  4. The people you look after are lucky to have someone do caring:)

  5. What a wonderful, special job you do xx.
    PS. I know where it is :-)