Thursday, 25 April 2013

R is for Radio-Controlled Cars .....and... Reading ...oh, and Rugby

Yes..I'm still catching up.
And yes...I'm still not sorry. is for living, so when the opportunity arrives..Run with it!  


So, this past weekend, as I said before, was just wonderful.  

Although I have no pictures of my own about this, I spent time watching rugby at Broadwater with a certain Someone.  I still have no idea of the rules of the game...but I must say I was well impressed that the referee was a woman!

The next day...beautiful again.  And what did I do?  Nooo..not gardening.  Noo ..not knitting.  But the same Someone introduced me to his radio controlled cars.  I am amazed that I played with them.  What was even more amazing was how much fun we had chasing each others' cars around a car park!!!!!!  

Definitely reliving childhood!  

And then, of course, in a much more predictable way for me...R is for Reading.  :)

Usually, I read classics..or something typically....well, female, for want of a better word.

Books like these...

And then, of course, you meet Someone who is a reader, yes.  And for that I am thankful.  He came in to the flat the other day with a bagful of books.... which I apparently might enjoy.  I'm not convinced, to be honest.  But then, I suppose reading material is a little like asparagus or do you know you don't like it until you try it?

:) x

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