Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O is for Ornithology

I confess that I struggled tonight to come up with something for the letter 'O'.
And then I had a phone call.

Inspiration struck!

The friend I was talking to has a particular liking for birds..birds of prey particularly.  And, all of a sudden he started to wax lyrical about a kite he'd just seen.

And gradually the conversation I was having was all about birds..which led to being about my Mum, who has a love of owls.  I think this may be a lifelong appreciation, but the Snowy Owl is the special favourite, because she was known as Snowy by many little girls going through the Brownies!

And me?

I love birds too.  :) 
 I don't dare to put a bird table up in my garden, because of the number of cats around.  It seems as though I'd be asking for trouble somehow.

However, if I had these guys living in my flat with me, I'd be quite satisfied!


  1. Ornithology is easier when you live in a place with a variety of birds. My son loved the birds in the Southern US Region. He's been disappointed with the lack since we moved to the West Coast.

  2. I love your o topic. I also love birds. I'm watching a bunch on my patio right now, because we put birdseed out there to tide them over until all the snow melts. I love owls and large birds too, though. We have a raptor center here in the city, and one day I fancy to volunteer there.

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z