Friday, 26 April 2013

V is for Vodka

I'm not a drinker.
Not by any stretch of the imagination.

More than  a couple of glasses of wine with a meal and I'm giggling.  I used to like lager and could drink it without getting squiffy, but then when the coeliac diagnosis came in, I switched to cider.

I have to be really careful with that.

And as a disclaimer, I have to say, obviously, that if the car is with me I do not even touch alcohol at all.

So, when it was offered to me, that drink of vodka, my first reaction was to decline it. have to live..take the opportunity..try new things..

And so I did.

I can now say with gusto that I like the flavoured vodka.  Well, depending on the flavour of course.  I'm not so keen on neat vodka...I thought my innards were going to burn to shreds!!  But, with a bit of coke or something, it was better.

It won't ever be "my" drink, but it's ok.  And my saying this is just proof that the borders of my life have been stretched out a bit more over the past few weeks...




  1. I am a non-drinker, so I wouldn't know. When I was little my parents drank a little, but mostly it was never around. Once I started attending a Christian University, the opportunity didn't present itself, and after I married a man whose family was stringently opposed to drink, I just never bothered. The few times I have tasted it have not led me to think I was missing much. Alcohol must be an acquired taste!