Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for Inspiration

Crafty types find inspiration in all sorts of places.

Yesterday, Dawn and I took a trip to Woking.  It was a rather cloudy, showery sort of day, not so good for gardening. But brilliant for shopping!

I was picked up and as the "chaffeur" drove, I clicked!

It didn't seem to take very long to reach Woking and then our destination loomed ahead of us..the Promised Land of Crafting!  :)

Now, the last time Dawn and I came here, we congratulated ourselves heartily on "escaping" with bills less than £10.  Could this possibly happen again?

Somehow, we both knew the answer may be a resounding NO as we saw the signs up for sales and discounts.  Because how many knitters and crafters can pass up a free ball of wool if you buy two other balls of the same wool?  

I do just love this shop though...the ideas abound.  Stamps for making cards.  Paper. Envelopes.  Paint.  Brushes.  Cross stitch kits.  Models.  What else ...jewellery to make.

Honestly, if I retired tomorrow I would be thrilled.  All the time to devote to my garden and my crafts...what  bliss that would be.. 

After wandering downstairs for a while, we headed 
upstairs and found just what we had been looking for!

You see the signs saying "Clearance"?
This, my dear friends, is why neither one of us got out of the shop without paying more than £10 !

As we browsed the aisle of so many colours, so many thicknesses, so many ideas... well, it was then that both of us pulled out our cameras at the same time..and it me who made the joke about Yarn Pornography!  

So glad I got Dawn's reaction, without it being a blurry picture!

It was a fabulous afternoon out.  Jill would be very proud of me for coming home with some stamps and many ideas for card-making projects.  :)  

Also came home with some lovely sock yarn...and some threads.. a small cross stitch kit..and a head full of ideas of wonderful things I really want to make.

So yes, Hobbycraft stores equal Inspiration in my book anyday!

I'd recommend taking up some sort of craft to ANYONE!  Honestly, the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed..a hand-crafted gift is given.. well, there's nothing like it.

And it's true what they say...

Knitting is the new yoga!



  1. Oh, what a fun looking place! I have sorta been banned from Hobby Lobby for a while. My craft room is so full I can hardly choose what to work on. Maybe once we get this rental property up and running, I will have some time to play again. I miss it! Happy J Day!

  2. Love your photos, especially Dawn laughing - so good to see. You two obviously inspire each other x.

  3. I recently returned to knitting and was blown away by the beautiful wools that are available these days. I've almost finished a jacket and so I'm going to be looking for something else to knit very soon.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  4. Amazing photos. I completely agree with you, One can find inspiration anywhere.