Wednesday, 25 September 2013

25/365 - in my lounge

I have a cute little fireplace in my lounge.  It's not a functioning fireplace, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty, does it.
Underneath the grate I have some of my little pigs.. the stones are from Pembrokeshire.  My sister brought them back for me when she holidayed there earlier in the year.  The candle..well, it's just a candle...a well travelled one, as it came home with me from the States...and the little tray was a gift a good few years ago.

And twinkle lights...a girl can never ever have too many twinkle lights! 

:) x

24/365 .. a day late

Really and truly, I wasn't doing anything too exciting.  

I just wasn't ruled by my blog, that's all.

I went to work.  Shopped (for milk)  ... watched the Great British Bake Off..did some knitting..sorted mail..talked to the pets... and relaxed.

It's all good though, huh?

:) x

23/365 ... Jane Austen quiz

Not been such a good couple of days for me....have been at work and then pretty worn out when I got home.  However, I did take this quiz on the I don't feel too bad posting this..albeit a  bit late.
After all, the aim of the challenge is to keep the blog active, I guess...  

Love Jane Austen.  Love Persuasion too.  So I'm quite satisfied with these results.

I just need my Captain Wentworth!  :)

:) x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

22/365 - sentimental things in the kitchen

My home is filled with items which mean something to me.  In this picture I see the molds which my grandmother always had on her kitchen walls when we were kids.  The little teddy bear baker and chimney sweep were gifts on my first Christmas back in the UK from a client and his wife.  The pig from a friend in the states, as was the pig who grunts and shoots sweets out of its' know!  There is a reason why that was actually appropriate and why it always makes me giggle.
The round thing on the left with pigs on came from my aunt, who passed away just a few years ago.  I didn't know that she was also "into" pigs!  The decanter and glasses...they were a gift from my cousin.  The basket..well, that actually belonged to one of my girls, but somehow it's ended up with me.  
My grandfather made the pressed flower picture.
And the jar..well, this is my silliness, but I put all the odds and ends of thread or yarn from my projects in there..I thought of getting a plain glass Christmas bauble or something, to make a tree decoration?  

Silly ideas I have, huh?

The shelves though, are the new addition to the kitchen today.  My dad made them.  Bless him, he was a good woodworker.  There were two choices..throw them away or I could take them and hopefully use them..that was the final word from Mum.

As you can see, they came home.

And I have another set in the car yet.  Not sure where they will go.

:) x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

21/365 - Dad, Mum and circle dancing

Today's photos were actually taken back in January and February of this year.  Back before Dad became really ill and then passed away.
I miss him terribly.

They were taken before my Mum became ill.  Yes, I know she is improving all the time and will return to her circle dancing (I was there to watch this particular night, with a lady who used to be one of my clients) ...  

None of us knew what this year was going to bring.

All of us are hoping for better and happier times in 2014.

And this is what everyone was dancing around...a lovely scarf, candle and the most gorgeous geranium.  The colours in this little ensemble just ..well, I think it's wonderful.. sometimes I think I could live by candlelight... but then would I be able to see my patterns and stitching?  :)

:) x

Friday, 20 September 2013

20/365 - bits and pieces in the bedroom

I came home from work today, happy that I have this weekend off, but also totally shattered.  I ended up laying down on the bed with a pounding head...and feeling just a bit too dizzy if I lifted my head.  No fun at all.

So pictures today are from the bedroom.  Lay on the bed...face towards the right, and that's where you'll see this little curio shelf.  

 And this is above the headboard.  /sighs a little  Right now, my dream would be to have no pain tonight and to have a good nights' sleep!

:) x

18/365 and 19/365 - lawn bowling and decorating!

Ok, I have to confess.  I actually FORGOT to post yesterday.  I had a busy time, with work, followed by an appointment in town.  And then I went off to play a bowls match.  It was an internal against the captain of the club, for heaven's was no surprise that I didn't win this one!
I love these bowls actually... they clean up lovely...and only need to be handled by a better bowler to get consistently good scores!  :)

The other picture for today is the hearts hanging on the door into the lounge.  They .. the pretty stained glass door, and the hearts too...are being seen more now.  When the weather is cooler, I shut the door to keep the heat from taking a tumble down the stairs so easily!
I'm not sure I'm enjoying these night drawing in now...or the colder temperatures..

:) x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

17/365 - knitting progress

Today was a day off for me, but oh boy, did it rain or what?  All outdoor activities were stopped and I stayed indoors knitting and watching television.  
Very lazy..but, I did get a few more blocks of colour done for the charity blanket, as well as finishing up the knitting part of the first sock of this pair.  Sewing up to do and sock number 2 will be cast on tomorrow.  It's an interesting pattern, as it's done on 2 needles, rather than 4. 

:) x

Monday, 16 September 2013

16/365 - yoga and the goose!

I was a bit nervy taking this picture at Broadwater Lake the other day..just in case this goose decided that I needed a goose-ing!  :)

I did get left alone though..probably because Mr Goose was appearing to be practicing his yoga positions! Seriously, he stood on one leg like that for ages.. I wish I had that sort of balance.

:) x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

15/365 - freebies = treasure

Just one photo today.  I love finding things for free..or for very little.
So imagine my happiness when this basket turned up outside my mum's neighbours' house, with a sign saying " yourself"...

Obviously, I did!

:) x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

14/365 - cross stitch

I've had a pleasantly busy week of stitching..a bit of knitting here and there, but mostly I have been cross stitching this week.
I began this kit, for a card, on Wednesday evening....

and finished all the stitching on this project last night.  Now I just have to mount it into it's card frame...and presto... a gift for my niece who is moving into her new place in a couple of weeks.

I think this is the kit (a freebie from a magazine) which I'll work on next. 

:) x

Friday, 13 September 2013

13/365 - Big Bang Theory on my telly

Tonight, I have a headache.  I also have a bit of a heartache.  And, quite frankly, I haven't the wherewithall to compose an interesting blog post, or to mess around with the photos which are on my camera..they can wait for tomorrow.

So, you'll all have to forgive me for cheating, as I am going to post a picture which I took last weekend.

It's of my television screen..while one of my favourite "funny" programmes were on..  The Big Bang Theory...

Thursday, 12 September 2013

12/365 - Guildford Museum and the Castle

Mum and I decided to take a trip into Guildford today..not for shopping (although how can you pass by a charity shop...or two...ok, I confess THREE)  ...  I mean...did you know that the Phyllis Tuckwell has 2 stores in town?  No...we didn't either.  We came home with some vintage knitting patterns and I also picked up a cute set of windchimes, which are now hanging by the bedroom window.

But I digress a bit.

We actually went in so that we could visit the museum.  It was lovely..of course, we especially loved the stitching exhibit!  Lovely little boxes for keeping your needles in..and they were so so SO tiny.. 
Lace which was to die for!
Beautiful samplers...made by such young girls.  They really knew how to create beauty.

And toys ... they were so much simpler in those days.  No batteries.  No noise, except for those the children would make themselves.  I loved to see them.  :)

I shall go back there, for sure.. 

Afterwards, we walked up to the Castle Grounds.

Lots of benches to sit on..lots of beautiful flowers to see..and it was really peaceful.

A different part of the castle walls.

 Looking up towards the keep... we didn't go inside because .. well, other than the charge to do so, there really wasn't a reason.. happier to be outside I suppose...

It was a very quietly pleasant afternoon.. finished off by tea and sandwiches in the cafe at Tunsgate ..  
If only I could say that all of tomorrow will be so lovely..but I have to spend at least part of my day at the hospital for tests.  Never mind, worse things happen at sea!

:) x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11/365 - lovely candle gift

Today, I was lucky to be given a gift from my friend Dawn.  She is not a pink lady, but she also knows that I am, so she made my little box in the pinkest card she could find!  :)

Inside the gift box was this lovely candle..I am not sure how she does it, but the decoration on the candle is actually stamped!  So clever.. 

And on the other side of my candle, Dawn has put this very delicate and multi coloured butterfly.

 Much too pretty to light....yet, anyway.  If you fancy seeing some more of Dawn's crafty cleverness, please go along here to see her blog!

:) x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10/365 - Adding to the family :)

When I used to live in the States, I had a little bird.  It fair broke my heart to leave him with his adopted mother when I came back to this country to live.

However, I hear every now and then from my friend, and today I am able to report that Stanley is doing really well in his new home.

I'm also able, after not having any feathered friends for almost two years, to introduce you to the newest members of my little family.  Si (on the left) and Dave.  

I couldn't be happier to have them living with me and Purl!  

:) x

Monday, 9 September 2013

9/365 - Time in the garden

It's been a funny old day today!  I had an appointment set up for my annual gas safety check...supposedly the fella was going to come between 8 am and 2 pm.  So, I was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed..and waited...and waited... and waited. 

And gave up waiting at 5.15 pm!

The office did have the decency to ring me and say they would reschedule though.  

So, with all that waiting time I was able to spend a little time outside, dodging raindrops most of the time!

And on to the photos for today..  I planted a little chrysanthemum in this was a reduced plant in the shop.  Poor little thing..just needs some water and a bit of love, I reckon.

This pot is one which my grandmother had for many years before she died.  When my own mother passed it to me earlier this year, it looked as though it was empty.  But then, it has sprouted up with lots of healthy looking greenery! 

In the back garden, I found more courgettes to add to the little collection.  Seeing as how I'm off this week for a few days, I plan to make some courgette cake.

Todays' baking though, involved this bowl of blackberries which I picked.  I took a crumble over to Mum's tonight, and we had a nice dessert!  

I do love fresh "stuff" from the garden!

:) x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

8/365 - My birthday 2013

I am finishing up a pleasant day here.  Very quiet really...just me and Mum, kicking around a bit.  But nice.

It began with Church.  I like the C of E services.. peaceful and it just recharges my batteries. 
Then, after going home for a cup of tea, we headed off to "see" my Dad.  I'm not posting the picture of his flowers we took him....(I cut a red rosebud from my front garden)....but this is the rose bush we had planted in his memory. It was even prettier last weekend..  I confess that I am missing Dad more and more these days.  And having my crying jags about it too.  Maybe it's because Mum isn't so ill now, and so I have time to think about it?  I don't know...but I did feel his absence today very keenly.

 You see, today was my birthday...the first one without him around.  So that's why he was so missed, I suppose. 
I was a bit spoiled by the family...Mum gave me a little bit of money (as well as a dinner out... I don't think I will need to eat again until oh... Christmas maybe!  :D  Lovely meal...)
and these delights are what my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew gave me.  

The rest of the day was passed peacefully, drinking tea, knitting, watching television and napping! sounds OLD!!!!!!!!!!
When it became dark, Mum and I went outside to set off my fountain candles...I've had them for a couple of weeks now...and it was fun to see them fizz and sparkle away!  Mind you, it's getting a bit chilly these evenings now!

And then, when I got home to my place, it was time to put up the cards around the mirror..always seems a good place to put them somehow.

 It's not been a bad, where's that chocolate!  

:) x