Saturday, 21 September 2013

21/365 - Dad, Mum and circle dancing

Today's photos were actually taken back in January and February of this year.  Back before Dad became really ill and then passed away.
I miss him terribly.

They were taken before my Mum became ill.  Yes, I know she is improving all the time and will return to her circle dancing (I was there to watch this particular night, with a lady who used to be one of my clients) ...  

None of us knew what this year was going to bring.

All of us are hoping for better and happier times in 2014.

And this is what everyone was dancing around...a lovely scarf, candle and the most gorgeous geranium.  The colours in this little ensemble just ..well, I think it's wonderful.. sometimes I think I could live by candlelight... but then would I be able to see my patterns and stitching?  :)

:) x

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