Saturday, 7 September 2013

7/365 - my new bookcase and my lovely fish friend

I've been having a quietish day today.  It's the first day of my week off and to be honest I've felt as though I had a spare limb or something.  I did find things to keep me busy though!

My sister recently bought herself some new bookshelves for her lounge.  Her husband managed to get them put together for her yesterday, so I have also got a new bookshelf in my lounge!  I know it's second hand...but I'm pleased with it.  And what I was really pleased about was that it isn't too heavy to carry..especially as I live in a first floor flat!

You can see the lamp on the top, the books, the cross stitching lamp which came to me from my aunt earlier this year..and on top of the shelf is where my little Purl, the goldfish, lives.
My small little creature!  But I think he's a pretty fella!

:) x

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