Sunday, 8 September 2013

8/365 - My birthday 2013

I am finishing up a pleasant day here.  Very quiet really...just me and Mum, kicking around a bit.  But nice.

It began with Church.  I like the C of E services.. peaceful and it just recharges my batteries. 
Then, after going home for a cup of tea, we headed off to "see" my Dad.  I'm not posting the picture of his flowers we took him....(I cut a red rosebud from my front garden)....but this is the rose bush we had planted in his memory. It was even prettier last weekend..  I confess that I am missing Dad more and more these days.  And having my crying jags about it too.  Maybe it's because Mum isn't so ill now, and so I have time to think about it?  I don't know...but I did feel his absence today very keenly.

 You see, today was my birthday...the first one without him around.  So that's why he was so missed, I suppose. 
I was a bit spoiled by the family...Mum gave me a little bit of money (as well as a dinner out... I don't think I will need to eat again until oh... Christmas maybe!  :D  Lovely meal...)
and these delights are what my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew gave me.  

The rest of the day was passed peacefully, drinking tea, knitting, watching television and napping! sounds OLD!!!!!!!!!!
When it became dark, Mum and I went outside to set off my fountain candles...I've had them for a couple of weeks now...and it was fun to see them fizz and sparkle away!  Mind you, it's getting a bit chilly these evenings now!

And then, when I got home to my place, it was time to put up the cards around the mirror..always seems a good place to put them somehow.

 It's not been a bad, where's that chocolate!  

:) x

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