Friday, 20 September 2013

18/365 and 19/365 - lawn bowling and decorating!

Ok, I have to confess.  I actually FORGOT to post yesterday.  I had a busy time, with work, followed by an appointment in town.  And then I went off to play a bowls match.  It was an internal against the captain of the club, for heaven's was no surprise that I didn't win this one!
I love these bowls actually... they clean up lovely...and only need to be handled by a better bowler to get consistently good scores!  :)

The other picture for today is the hearts hanging on the door into the lounge.  They .. the pretty stained glass door, and the hearts too...are being seen more now.  When the weather is cooler, I shut the door to keep the heat from taking a tumble down the stairs so easily!
I'm not sure I'm enjoying these night drawing in now...or the colder temperatures..

:) x


  1. I'm a holiday bowls player, it is such a good game.
    Are the hearts to remind you of anyone in particular? x

  2. It is a good game, indeed! :) And no, they're not to remind me of anyone...I just like them and they seem happy to "live" where they are! :)