Monday, 2 September 2013

2/365 (Handmade Monday)

 This evening, I went along to our Stitch 'n Bitch meeting.  New members are coming out of the woodwork, as word gets out about our group.  And it's wonderful to make new friends and see all the creativity going on.

Knitting bags came along in all shapes and seen on the left here...  :)  Dining room cushions were stitched... and patterns were studied intensely!

 On the other side of the table we had a lady learning to knit..and a baby jumper was on the go!  I know, you don't have the evidence of that in this picture, but I promise you, it was happening.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, the pattern was found in the bag!  I thought my ears had played a trick on me when I heard our friend say what she was making..but no, they hadn't.

Yes.. hand knitted kidneys, folks.

Honestly, you can knit ANYTHING!

Me?  Yes..I made some progress on my sock tonight.... but that picture can wait for another day!

:) x


  1. What a lovely way to meet fellow crafters, I really should look to see if there's anything similar around my area (South east London). Have a good week.

    1. Hi Lucy, This group is in Godalming, Surrey if it's not too far from you then feel free to come along, it would be great to meet you xxx

  2. Great post Michele, loving your daily pictures xxx

  3. I think I should have said where the group was Lucy...sorry about that. I suppose I just assumed that it would be too far to come from London.. and you all know what assuming does to you, huh? :)

    Thanks Dawn... it's keeping me busy with some blogging, for sure. :) x