Sunday, 22 September 2013

22/365 - sentimental things in the kitchen

My home is filled with items which mean something to me.  In this picture I see the molds which my grandmother always had on her kitchen walls when we were kids.  The little teddy bear baker and chimney sweep were gifts on my first Christmas back in the UK from a client and his wife.  The pig from a friend in the states, as was the pig who grunts and shoots sweets out of its' know!  There is a reason why that was actually appropriate and why it always makes me giggle.
The round thing on the left with pigs on came from my aunt, who passed away just a few years ago.  I didn't know that she was also "into" pigs!  The decanter and glasses...they were a gift from my cousin.  The basket..well, that actually belonged to one of my girls, but somehow it's ended up with me.  
My grandfather made the pressed flower picture.
And the jar..well, this is my silliness, but I put all the odds and ends of thread or yarn from my projects in there..I thought of getting a plain glass Christmas bauble or something, to make a tree decoration?  

Silly ideas I have, huh?

The shelves though, are the new addition to the kitchen today.  My dad made them.  Bless him, he was a good woodworker.  There were two choices..throw them away or I could take them and hopefully use them..that was the final word from Mum.

As you can see, they came home.

And I have another set in the car yet.  Not sure where they will go.

:) x

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