Saturday, 30 March 2013

You said you read all of my thoughts... here are some for you.

True friends and family members will not judge me.
They may advise.
The advice may or may not be taken.

However, I will not be judged by someone who is just looking for evil in everything, even if it has the purest intentions.
I will not be scared off from living my life.

So, if  you  *are* reading this, please know that:

I have been able to move on with my life.  I don't need to be continually checking on your Facebook, or whatever other social outlet you have.  I don't have to keep checking your Church website to see what you are involved in.

I don't perpetually look for things to use against you.


Really and truly, it's because I don't mind what *you* are doing.  I wish for you to be able to move on with life. 
I wish that you will wake up happy each day...not happy because you have made someone elses' (my) life difficult or miserable.. but genuinely happy in your home, with your work, with your faith..

My wish for you is that you will no longer be fixated upon me and my life.  Although I also know that I am fantastic, interesting, beautiful, marvellous, intelligent, artistic, creative, caring and deserving of your undivided attention!  LOL

I wish that you will see my life is being lived with the purest of intentions, with no malice or lies. I wish that you would see that my life is not lived in happiness because of having money or spending lots of it - I don't have much financial wealth... my wealth is in friendships and joy in simple things.

I wish that you would clean up your act before you try to mess with mine.

And this is the truth.  I am not angry or upset anymore. I'm somewhat disappointed in you.  
And tired.
Yes, you cause me to be tired.

But that is all.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

@----/-- Flowers :)

I love flowers, but really don't buy them for myself.  If I'm going to put money into something like that, I'll get a plant for the garden, or a houseplant.

So, with that in mind, you'll understand why I am so enjoying my lounge this week.  

Flowers abound!

These roses are actually just over a week old now.  My friend, Nic, gave them to me, because I'd had a tough week at work.  Bless him...he had them shoved inside his jacket, to keep them out of the cold!  :)

These delightful spring flowers were added to the room...

and the collection, if that's what you call it, was completed on Sunday when I went to Church.  There are always flowers on the altar and after the service someone is given them to take home...this week the Pastor chose me to receive them.  They just make me smile...

It's Easter week now.  Always a time when I become thoughtful, with emotions running wild a bit.  I plan to be at Church on Thursday night and then again Friday morning.  Those two services are the most contemplative ones I can ever imagine.

But the joyous Easter morning service I'll have to miss, as I'll be working.  Fortunately, it makes no difference to Him where I am...

Just a token Cross from Palm Sunday's service, but I love it.  I guess a lot of people would say that having faith in God and attending services etc is a sign of weakness.  I don't know about that....for me it is a comfort.  He gives me the strength to carry on when the road I'm walking is too hard, too painful.  No, I'm not perfect.  But is anyone?  


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Moving Day...sort of!

Yes..this is what I was doing over at Wordpress, in a weird way,  while I tried to add a picture to my 'sidebar'.   

Frustrating or what?

I just couldn't get it.  It seemed (to me and my non technical brain) that the only way to do it was to use pictures from another web site.  But what if I wanted to do my own pictures? 

No. I couldn't get it. They would not stick at all!

So, that's why the blog moved.  

Probably a good job I'm better at knitting and 'stuff'.. if the world relied on my cyber skills, it'd be screwed!  

The old blog is still there..    although there was never much to see!