Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z is for..well, this is the great debate!

I wonder how many British children grew up listening to this song?  I remember Sesame Street being on television here and listening to it, for sure.  And I know that my own children grew up with it..but that was in the States, so it was the norm there.

Of course, this is the song where Z is zee...and not zed.


Yes, I'm a full blown English woman.  And I grew up with Zed.  As in bed. 

But then over the years I lived in the States, I found myself slipping into the land of Zee.

For instance, this project has been the A to Z(ee) Challenge.

But those black and white creatures who look a bit like horses are zebras not (zee)bras.

Odd isn't it...so many English speaking countries in the world, but we have our own different spins on the language!

And there it is.  A to Z Challenge 2013 completed.  It's been fun.


Y is for Yellow..and Young..and Yes..

Yellow (as in daffodils)

It's also for the beautiful little yellow centres of daisies..I promise myself that at some time this year, I will sit down and make myself a daisy chain, just like I used to when I was young.


Another Y word.

Some people think I'm young ..well, if they are aged at least 90 I suppose they would.  I think my nieces and nephews think I'm old.  I just think I'm me though..

And my last thought for today is that Y is for Yes.

When my children were very little, I remember reading or hearing somewhere that you should balance each NO with 10 Yes'es.

I don't know that I ever did that..but it really isn't always so bad to say Yes...  sometimes it is a part of being kind to yourself...  


Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for X-Stitch (and for X-periment!)

I know that was a shameful cheat really...but never mind.  :)

I stopped in at the shop earlier to pick up some odds and ends for my parents...then dropped them off. Did I have my knitting..or my cross stitch..or a book with me?

Of course not!

Fortunately, my Mum has a lovely stash of patterns to look through, a photocopier, spare needles and an odd ball of yarn (which actually turned out to be mine anyway!)

And so I decided to try and make a starfish.  I know...they are not supposed to be pink with a silver thread running through it..but imagination is a good thing.

I just have the finishing off to do now!

And so this is the X-periment for today.  :)

The other little cheat is my X-Stitch.  I have some to finish.. somehow I seem to have more projects than time..but it's also somehow comforting to know that there really is always something to do.

Two of these items will become gifts..one for my brother in law and one for my niece.  I just have to sit down and keep stitching!  The frames are all ready to go though.. and yes..I promise to show pictures of the finished pictures!

Now, this little one has all the stitching completed...I have a frame and will soon have it all mounted and ready to go!  

Busy busy busy!!


W is for Work

I "snitched" a photo from my works' web site.. yes, I blanked out the sign to say where it is, but if you live in this area, I expect you'll recognize it.  And if you know me in person, you know where I work anyway.

Although my life has taken a few twists and turns along the way, my professional life hasn't really.  I began at age 18, working as what was then called a Nursing Auxiliary in a hospital for the elderly.  I loved it from word GO.

From there, I went through nursing training and about 18 months after qualifying as a General Nurse, I went into Midwifery.
That led me to the position which I totally loved..and would love to return to actually.  I worked in the Special Care Baby Unit.

I have babies now, who were so frail and tiny, struggling to breathe and clinging to life... and here they are, grown women with their own little ones, or strapping 6 foot plus fellas who play rugby.

Sometimes that makes me feel old.
Sometimes it makes me feel proud, to know that I have had a hand in helping them to survive.

These days I work in this rather fancy looking nursing home.
I act the fool at least once in every shift..mainly because well, if it puts a smile on the face of an old lady or gentleman, then, why not!
I wash people, feed people, make their beds, take them for "walks" in the garden.. do jigsaws with them...whatever..

It's hard work, yes.  Emotionally and physically.,

But somehow it just fits me.  I struggle with it at times... with my health issues it's really tough.

But I expect that in some sort of way, I'll work in the caring profession for as long as my body will allow me..


Friday, 26 April 2013

V is for Vodka

I'm not a drinker.
Not by any stretch of the imagination.

More than  a couple of glasses of wine with a meal and I'm giggling.  I used to like lager and could drink it without getting squiffy, but then when the coeliac diagnosis came in, I switched to cider.

I have to be really careful with that.

And as a disclaimer, I have to say, obviously, that if the car is with me I do not even touch alcohol at all.

So, when it was offered to me, that drink of vodka, my first reaction was to decline it.

But...you have to live..take the opportunity..try new things..

And so I did.

I can now say with gusto that I like the flavoured vodka.  Well, depending on the flavour of course.  I'm not so keen on neat vodka...I thought my innards were going to burn to shreds!!  But, with a bit of coke or something, it was better.

It won't ever be "my" drink, but it's ok.  And my saying this is just proof that the borders of my life have been stretched out a bit more over the past few weeks...



Thursday, 25 April 2013

U is for Ukelele

When I signed up for Twitter, I found some people to follow who came from my hometown.

At that time, I was still living in the States, feeling homesick and struggling a bit really.

It's been interesting getting to know some of these lovely people who I follow...and who follow me too.

Some of them play the ukelele. 

They are good at it.


I thought maybe I'd have a go.


So I went out and bought this lovely little pink instrument.

It looks really nice, sitting in my lounge.  But there is a dreadful problem.  It may look nice..and I'm sure that in the skilled hands of some of my more talented friends it would sound lovely too...but quite frankly, I can't get a decent noise to appear.

Musically challenged maybe?  Seems odd, when I can play a full size guitar!!


T is for Tea and Teapots

I used to be a coffee drinker, until I had a few major surgeries about 3 or 4 years ago.  Suddenly, coffee made my stomach churn.  Even the smell of it was enough to make me feel queasy.

So I returned to tea.

I've got quite a selection of mint tea, chamomile..ordinary tetley tea... all which live on this shelf.  The fancier teas live in the little caddy thing on the right..  and it's here I head to when I get home from work.

I don't make tea in a pot most of the time.  So it may seem a bit odd that I have a bit of a collection of teapots developing.  One of them doesn't have a lid, but that makes it a rather quirky flower vase instead!

There's even more on top of the other kitchen cabinet!

The cutting board was given to me by my Aunt (the one who recently passed away)

And even on the little shelf above the kitchen sink, I have a few little teapots...novelty ones, but they are so cute... treasures which did come home with me from the States..


S is for Sunshine, Statues and Smiles

Saturday was a beautiful day.. the weather just could not have been better.


We ended up at the beach.

Enjoying the Sunshine.

While He bought ice cream, I snapped a picture of this statue..

It's the Falklands memorial.

"He" spent many years in the Army.  He served in the Falklands and was injured.  His friend died.
I am thankful that He came home and that we have had this opportunity to meet.

I was thankful that we got to enjoy the sunshine.  Yes, it was a little breezy down on the seafront..but sun and stones and well..there has to be sand somewhere, I suppose... it all leads to a photograph of a smile...

Even food seems to be sunny when the weather is right!  I know...that sounds odd..but look at the colours of this pineapple and strawberry platter we made....with chopped up mint and a dash of brandy on it.. and a few white chocolate stars as well...

Culinary sunshine...  

And He even does washing up...another reason to smile!  :)


R is for Radio-Controlled Cars .....and... Reading ...oh, and Rugby

Yes..I'm still catching up.
And yes...I'm still not sorry.

Hey..life is for living, so when the opportunity arrives..Run with it!  


So, this past weekend, as I said before, was just wonderful.  

Although I have no pictures of my own about this, I spent time watching rugby at Broadwater with a certain Someone.  I still have no idea of the rules of the game...but I must say I was well impressed that the referee was a woman!

The next day...beautiful again.  And what did I do?  Nooo..not gardening.  Noo ..not knitting.  But the same Someone introduced me to his radio controlled cars.  I am amazed that I played with them.  What was even more amazing was how much fun we had chasing each others' cars around a car park!!!!!!  

Definitely reliving childhood!  

And then, of course, in a much more predictable way for me...R is for Reading.  :)

Usually, I read classics..or something typically....well, female, for want of a better word.

Books like these...

And then, of course, you meet Someone who is a reader, yes.  And for that I am thankful.  He came in to the flat the other day with a bagful of books.... which I apparently might enjoy.  I'm not convinced, to be honest.  But then, I suppose reading material is a little like asparagus or spinach...how do you know you don't like it until you try it?

:) x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Q is for Queen

And yes, I know...I'm late with continuing my alphabet challenge.

But here's the thing.

Life is more important than the internet and blogging sometimes...and I've just had the most fantastic four days ever!

So, no apologies from me as life has been lived and enjoyed these past few days. 


Anyway... Q....  I didn't mean Queen Elizabeth...or Victoria or anyone.

I mean this Queen..

I find myself singing along with them on the radio... I don't think the fellas can be beaten..


Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for Poetry

This is something I wrote years ago...


Saturday afternoon in the garden,
Pulling weeds, planting corn -
Enjoying the refreshing breeze.

I sat on the swing
Shelling English Garden Peas
And made my plans to freeze

The harvest.