Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Y is for Yellow..and Young..and Yes..

Yellow (as in daffodils)

It's also for the beautiful little yellow centres of daisies..I promise myself that at some time this year, I will sit down and make myself a daisy chain, just like I used to when I was young.


Another Y word.

Some people think I'm young ..well, if they are aged at least 90 I suppose they would.  I think my nieces and nephews think I'm old.  I just think I'm me though..

And my last thought for today is that Y is for Yes.

When my children were very little, I remember reading or hearing somewhere that you should balance each NO with 10 Yes'es.

I don't know that I ever did that..but it really isn't always so bad to say Yes...  sometimes it is a part of being kind to yourself...  


1 comment:

  1. your "Y"s are perfect
    they say youth is wasted on the young
    "Yes" I agree