Thursday, 25 April 2013

U is for Ukelele

When I signed up for Twitter, I found some people to follow who came from my hometown.

At that time, I was still living in the States, feeling homesick and struggling a bit really.

It's been interesting getting to know some of these lovely people who I follow...and who follow me too.

Some of them play the ukelele. 

They are good at it.


I thought maybe I'd have a go.


So I went out and bought this lovely little pink instrument.

It looks really nice, sitting in my lounge.  But there is a dreadful problem.  It may look nice..and I'm sure that in the skilled hands of some of my more talented friends it would sound lovely too...but quite frankly, I can't get a decent noise to appear.

Musically challenged maybe?  Seems odd, when I can play a full size guitar!!


1 comment:

  1. Oooo a pink one, mine is blue, I can't play mine either LOL

    Its been great to get to know you too.