Saturday, 13 April 2013

K is for Kung Fu

I all thought it would be for knitting, didn't you!

But I thought I'd tell you about some other activities instead.

And yes.... I bet you all thought I'd forgotten about K day..truth is, I've been out and about all day until now.  And although it's after 1 am, I haven't yet slept, so I'll post!  And anyway, I am waiting to hear if someone gets home safe...  :)

So, anyway.. as I said.. K is for Kung Fu.

After the break up of my marriage, my self confidence was at an all time low.  Then, wouldn't you know it, I started to get ill...then had a surgery...none of which helped the confidence.

So, when the surgeon gave me the all clear to do more activity, it just so happened that the local martial arts school ran a special on kung fu classes.  And, as I was DARED to do it, I signed up.  Never imagining how good it was going to be for me, both physically and mentally.

The class I went to was not large..again, this was good for me.  

I don't really have any pictures of me 'in action' .. but I can promise you that I floored some of these fellas. :)

The teachers..Shifu's.. were all so patient.  And so confident that anyone.. ANYONE.. can learn martial arts.. and sure enough...after a while, I took tests..  :)

Well, they were nerve wracking events.  All the parents of youngsters watching me..a rather "well padded" adult making a twerp of herself on the mat!  :) While the little nippers glided effortlessly through their forms!  

At the end of it, I was absolutely exhausted...but so very proud of my accomplishment.

After having taken classes for over a year, my health suddenly took another steep decline.  I found I could no longer do my side kicks..front snap kicks were difficult.. and well, the decision was made by me to call a halt.  By the time I stopped actively participating in the class I had passed a few more tests, with the stars to show...

I'm glad to say though, that my former teachers and classmates remain good friends.  A martial arts family is a close knit one. 

And I will always be grateful.


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