Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H is for Horticulture


So, if G hadn't already been taken, it would have been for Gardening.  But Plan B was set into action, and Horticulture is what I came up with.

I'm new to my little garden.  Not new to gardening, but this is the first year I have had here with my own little plot of earth to tend,

I did grow some bits and bobs in pots last year..one success was the lupins...I decided on Sunday that they really needed to come out of the pot and become a part of my garden.

This lovely clump of lupins quite easily and naturally divided into 3 smaller clumps......and ended up living here in the bed by the trellis.

(The trellis is a new addition to the garden...just a few weeks ago, the landlord had the really ramshackle old shed pulled down, and the trellis went up in its' place. :)  )

I'm not sure where the concrete "thing" came from..something to do with the deceased shed, I expect, but it fitted in the corner there really well...had to roll it to get it there though! :)  And it has the perfect hole to hold up my little gardening fairy girl!

On the other side of the garden I have a small lavender planted, some chives, a couple of pansies and I put a pot of rosemary there also. Mum gave me the rosemary...my parents are planning a move soon, so I guess she was/is thinking of clearing out.

Hey...if clearing out means I inherit your plants, I'll go along with you any day of the week! :)

 There's more work to do...always work in a garden.  But I love it.  I don't wear gloves often, preferring to get dirt all over me..mucky pup that I am.

It's just a lovely pastime which is peaceful and soothing to me...



  1. It's looking lovely. Wish it was warm enough to go into our garden here in Leicester UK.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  2. What a beautiful little garden you're creating! This post made me smile because it's been awhile since I've played "dig in the dirt" and I love it. Last year I got in two boxes of flowers at the base of our two small trees, and a planter around the rural mailbox. This year I'd like to put in some flowering bushes at least. We live in West Texas where everything is hot, brown, and dry, so a bit of brightness is a definite spirit lifter!

  3. Lovely start to your little garden space. Hope you have many sunny days there x.