Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for Needlework

I don't ever remember NOT being asthmatic.

Childhood was a bit difficult at times...lots of hospital stays and I was never able to walk far or take part in sports at school or at clubs.

Mixed blessing I suppose, because my Mum decided that she needed to teach me how to stitch, knit, crochet... all sorts of needlework.

Embroidery, although I have done some in my time, has never really "floated my boat" very much.  But give me cross stitch and knitting... any day of the week, my friends!

I'm not going to put lots of pictures of all the projects I've completed on this post - have to save something for after the challenge is completed!  But this little kit I found languishing in my mother's cupboard..so I stitched it up, and made it into a card.  

As for knitting..well, there is more than one project on the go, predictably for me. :)

The baby blanket is still growing..

and this one is coming along too... I picked up enough cotton blend from the charity shop, really cheap, to make myself a white top which will be great for bowling...  

Don't know what I'd do without my knitting or stitching.. 



  1. i received a wood burning set for xmas one year.... i was fascinated with it and used it all the time until i left the hot needle gun plugged in and almost burned down the house! i know it's not needlework, but that's what i thought of when i read ur post!

  2. I love cross stitch! It's my favorite winter hobby....and usually revolves around Christmas themes!

  3. I love to do needle point. I'm not good at it, but it is fun and relaxing.

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