Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for X-Stitch (and for X-periment!)

I know that was a shameful cheat really...but never mind.  :)

I stopped in at the shop earlier to pick up some odds and ends for my parents...then dropped them off. Did I have my knitting..or my cross stitch..or a book with me?

Of course not!

Fortunately, my Mum has a lovely stash of patterns to look through, a photocopier, spare needles and an odd ball of yarn (which actually turned out to be mine anyway!)

And so I decided to try and make a starfish.  I know...they are not supposed to be pink with a silver thread running through it..but imagination is a good thing.

I just have the finishing off to do now!

And so this is the X-periment for today.  :)

The other little cheat is my X-Stitch.  I have some to finish.. somehow I seem to have more projects than time..but it's also somehow comforting to know that there really is always something to do.

Two of these items will become for my brother in law and one for my niece.  I just have to sit down and keep stitching!  The frames are all ready to go though.. and yes..I promise to show pictures of the finished pictures!

Now, this little one has all the stitching completed...I have a frame and will soon have it all mounted and ready to go!  

Busy busy busy!!


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