Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11/365 - lovely candle gift

Today, I was lucky to be given a gift from my friend Dawn.  She is not a pink lady, but she also knows that I am, so she made my little box in the pinkest card she could find!  :)

Inside the gift box was this lovely candle..I am not sure how she does it, but the decoration on the candle is actually stamped!  So clever.. 

And on the other side of my candle, Dawn has put this very delicate and multi coloured butterfly.

 Much too pretty to light....yet, anyway.  If you fancy seeing some more of Dawn's crafty cleverness, please go along here to see her blog!

:) x


  1. So glad you liked the candle Michele and thank you for the link up.

    I love the fact your posting every day, I must be more disciplined and post daily too.


  2. You're most welcome for the link, Dawn..and thank you again for my birthday gift..lovely!

    It makes for a bit of fun actually, posting daily, and having to think about what the picture will be etc etc. Makes the creative juices flow a bit! :) xx

    1. It good to pop by every day and see what your up too xx

  3. Dawn's candles are beautiful. Hope you had a lovely Birthday, Michele x.

  4. Thanks Lesley..It was very nice :) And Dawn..thank you for stopping by to read. :) x