Wednesday, 4 September 2013

4/365 ...Diet Changes

I think it was 3 weeks ago, I decided to try and improve my diet in an effort to reduce the amount of pain I experience each day.

I took a deep breath and announced on Twitter that I'd go gluten free (I am coeliac, but could be more of a stickler at keeping to the diet!) .. chocolate free and caffeine free.

Three weeks in.. mostly I'm gluten free.  Some chocolate has been eaten, but not nearly as much.  And as for caffeine, well, I've reduced it a lot.

I found that the day after I had chocolate, I suffered from the worst headache EVER. 
I know now that I really enjoy some herbal teas.
I also know for sure that I HATE gluten free bread, although the crispbreads I prefer to Ryvita even!  :)

And I've learned, to my delight, that making these few (rather small really) changes have helped me to lose half a stone.  

I can't tell you that my pain levels have been any less, but I can say that I'm sleeping more soundly.

It's an ongoing experiment.


I've been noticing other things too..which leads me on to todays' photos.

Our staff room!  Nurses, care assistants, physios, you name it..aren't we meant to be really health conscious?  Promoting healthy eating and all that jazz?

But, what do we have here in our staff room?  A machine with my nemesis within it.  I am able to resist thankfully, but here we have maltesers, mars bars, snickers, doritos...and other calorie loaded goodies.

The other side of the room is where the drinks machine is located.  As you can see, there are bottles of fizzy, cans of caffeine, a few bottles of juice.  But what really concerns me is on the bottom shelf.

All that Red Bull.
And you wouldn't believe how much of it sells.  

Are the health care professionals in this country running purely on chocolate and Red Bull?  

I'm fortunate that I have never been in need of such a caffeine fix that I've drunk any of it.  And I'm not slamming anyone who does.
But it does seem to be so very unhealthy somehow. 

 :) x


  1. I work in a doctor's office and we always have a big bowl of candy in the break room. I'm not sure who is buying it, but I wish they would stop! We all know better, but every single co-worker sneaks back for a handful of chocolate during the day.

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