Tuesday, 3 September 2013

3/365 - charity shop treasure!

Today's photos are of the spoils from a successful shopping trip.  I went into town with my Mum today...she's not just my mother, she's my friend.  She's my advisor.  She's my support system.  Maybe that sounds really stupid and soppy, but it's how I feel.  Had she not pulled through her recent illness, I would be completely lost.

Anyway, the both of us love charity shops.  Usually one or the other of us can find a "treasure".  Sometimes we don't.  It's just the luck of the draw..but we ALWAYS look!  

Today, after having checked out the Pound Shop (it is really sad or really savvy that that place was so packed and busy??) and then the fabric and yarn shop...it was time to hit the Phyllis Tuckwell.

And what did I see hanging among the bags?  The minute I stepped through the shop door?


Love at first sight.  Good price.  Good condition.  And then I went to check the inside of the bag, only to find this label...

You've already guessed that the bag has come home with me, haven't you.  I'm really happy with her..   


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