Thursday, 12 September 2013

12/365 - Guildford Museum and the Castle

Mum and I decided to take a trip into Guildford today..not for shopping (although how can you pass by a charity shop...or two...ok, I confess THREE)  ...  I mean...did you know that the Phyllis Tuckwell has 2 stores in town?  No...we didn't either.  We came home with some vintage knitting patterns and I also picked up a cute set of windchimes, which are now hanging by the bedroom window.

But I digress a bit.

We actually went in so that we could visit the museum.  It was lovely..of course, we especially loved the stitching exhibit!  Lovely little boxes for keeping your needles in..and they were so so SO tiny.. 
Lace which was to die for!
Beautiful samplers...made by such young girls.  They really knew how to create beauty.

And toys ... they were so much simpler in those days.  No batteries.  No noise, except for those the children would make themselves.  I loved to see them.  :)

I shall go back there, for sure.. 

Afterwards, we walked up to the Castle Grounds.

Lots of benches to sit on..lots of beautiful flowers to see..and it was really peaceful.

A different part of the castle walls.

 Looking up towards the keep... we didn't go inside because .. well, other than the charge to do so, there really wasn't a reason.. happier to be outside I suppose...

It was a very quietly pleasant afternoon.. finished off by tea and sandwiches in the cafe at Tunsgate ..  
If only I could say that all of tomorrow will be so lovely..but I have to spend at least part of my day at the hospital for tests.  Never mind, worse things happen at sea!

:) x

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