Tuesday, 17 September 2013

17/365 - knitting progress

Today was a day off for me, but oh boy, did it rain or what?  All outdoor activities were stopped and I stayed indoors knitting and watching television.  
Very lazy..but, I did get a few more blocks of colour done for the charity blanket, as well as finishing up the knitting part of the first sock of this pair.  Sewing up to do and sock number 2 will be cast on tomorrow.  It's an interesting pattern, as it's done on 2 needles, rather than 4. 

:) x


  1. Are they bedsocks, Michele? My granny used to knit us all bedsocks, they were really slippy on the stairs x.

  2. I suppose they could be worn in bed, Lesley, although the pattern is not actually one stating they are bedsocks. I'm hoping to wear them as ordinary socks..I think they would do well if being worn with wellies or trainers... :) Sock number 2 is cast on now... love my knitting! :) x