Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brutal honesty

I'm sure you have realized by now that I have not been able to keep up with my own challenge.
A lot of it is due to my own poor health.  Some of it is due to the fact that I would rather spend time on my knitting or whatever than compiling intelligent posts when I have my evenings off.

Rest assured though, that I have still been taking many photographs.  And when I do post here, I will try and include them.

So, with my health, it's been a real uphill struggle.  I have had quite a slew of tests, which have shown that I was misdiagnosed almost 2 years ago.  I actually have fibromyalgia as well as asthma.  And it really is knocking me for six.

This time last week, I was in so much distress..all I could do was cry.  I know..that sounds utterly pathetic, but it's true.  So, I went to the doctor on Monday.  Being 
signed off for a week was not my goal really, but probably it has done me a huge amount of good.  Although I am nowhere near 100% fit...

Anyway, this is why I shall not be challenging myself to such a "religious" posting schedule.  Blogging needs to be fun, and not a chore, or a stress.  

Having said that, here are some pictures from the past few weeks..

I held the back of my cardy towards myself while Mum took the photo.  The two sides of the front are just about done too...sleeves next.  

Been getting ready for Halloween too...hoping that perhaps I will have some little trick or treaters come in my direction...there's pencils, rubbers, and sweets.. 

The neighbour kids would come to my door over in the States and chant out..

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat!

:) x

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  1. Loving the cardigan Michele, it's really coming on now.

    Yes blogging should be fun and not stressful, hope your feeling a bit better now?