Thursday, 3 October 2013

A week in review...26-32/365

This is probably the picture I should have posted a few days ago.. although I have still been clicking, or, in the case of one of the photos, going through pictures taken earlier... I haven't had the urge to even come here and write.

Definitely shenanigans here...

At the weekend, my niece moved into her own place.  She is very excited about it.  Because of other things happening, I haven't been over to visit her yet..but hopefully she will love her card, which I stitched.

In a quiet moment, I began to get some autumn decorations out in the house.  The scarecrow seems quite content to sit here and watch who goes up or comes down!  And the stand was a bargain find at a charity shop..  :)

Even had a bit of time to sort out the cupboard in the kitchen.. I'm still on my gluten free kick, although I confess that it hasn't gone so well on the NO chocolate front.  Sometimes, a girl NEEDS chocolate!

 This is the picture which was taken earlier... my Mum.  Bless her heart, she was taken poorly again and is currently in hospital.  She will be alright..but still it's a bit of a toll on her to be there, and on me to do the running around.

I go over to her place twice a day to look after her rabbits and the fish..this particular little guy is a character!  They are both moved indoors now...makes it nicer for them once it begins to get colder and darker outside.

Here's the both of them in their outside home..I'll have to take a photo of them again now they're indoors!

:) x


  1. Sorry to hear your mums back in hospital again, please ring if you need anything xxxx

  2. Oh dear, Michele. Sorry to read about your Mum. Hope all OK? Cute pics xx.