Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Another week has flown by..and I owe you 7 pictures!

Yes, count them... SEVEN pictures...  yikes!  

Fortunately, I have been taking some!

I decided, after looking at all the odds and ends of yarn I have stashed away, to make a wacky but lovely cardigan!  I'm following a basic pattern, but making up my own colour scheme and pattern..

It began like this..

By Monday evening it looked like this..

and this evening it looks like this.. 

The question is..will I ever be brave enough to wear my amazing technicolour cardy out in public when it's done? One thing is sure..I won't be missed in a crowd!  :)

What with that and my new (to me) watch.. well, my Mum, bless her, says I have my own style a bit!  But she knew I wished to have a large faced watch...and has passed on my Dad's watch to me..

It's actually been an odd week for things to be passed on to me!  My landline phone has been on the blink for some time - it just wouldn't turn on.  So, Mum sent me up into her loft (I was awfully brave going up a ladder where there may have been spiders  ewww) before I went to the shop.  And success!  There, in its' original box, was my grandmother's old phone.  What treasures can be found, huh?  It's all hooked up and working in my flat now!  

Obviously, this is set up by the stereo, which is by my armchair, so I can yak away in comfort!  :)

And then there's pigs all over the place here.. these little ones sit on top of one of the speakers behind the phone..

Anyway, I know that's only 6 tomorrow, when it's not so late, and I'm not so sleepy, I'll post again and there'll be two!  I'm nothing if not determined to have the right number of photos!  LOL 

:) x 

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